Youth Delphic Games 2022: Program, Nominations, Participants

Youth Dolphic Games are held annually in Russia. We tell me how to participate in them and what the idea of ​​the event is, as well as at what time they will be held in 2022

Youth Delphic Games in 2022: how to take part and where

Let's start with where Delphic Games come from. Arrange them became about the same time as the Games of the Olympic – from the VI century BC. The difference from the "older brother" was that Delphic athletes competed not in force and endurance, but showed talents in different art types: a game on musical instruments, singing and dance.

An attempt to revive antique contests was taken at the beginning of the 20th century, but did not succeed in special success. The new era for them began only in 2000. The first worldwide dolphic games of modern times took place in Moscow. Almost a thousand people from 27 countries arrived at them, and eight years later, on the second games, the number of participating States increased more than two times.

Headquarters of the World Delphic Games are located in the Russian capital. At the same time, the format of youth dolphic games was also launched several years ago. There were already 17 such competitions in Russia. National games are qualifying for international contests in art.

By the way, with a sports Olympiad Olympiad, the creative relative is not only a common story. On Delphic Games, there is also a tradition of burning fire, to perform which is an honorary mission.

This year in Russia will be held XXI Youth Dolphic Games. They will be held from 22 to 27 April.

The municipal qualifying stage was held from November 2021 to January 2022. Successfully passed its participants are allowed to the regional stage, which takes place in December-February 2022.

Delphic games are held every year in different cities, and this time the participants will take the city of Krasnoyarsk.

Competitive and festival programs of games consist of 34 nominations. For each of the nominations, participants are issued a program with the designation of days, time and seats of drawing, rehearsals, classes, views and listening in age groups and tours.

The opening ceremony of the Delphic Games this year will take place on April 22, from this day will be a competitive and festival program, award ceremony, as well as a sightseeing program. On April 25, an international conference will be held. On April 26, the official closing ceremony will be held in the afternoon, after which there will be a gala concert. Departure of the delegations will be held on April 27th.

The jury traditionally consists of well-deserved representatives of the culture and science of our country, public figures – a total of up to 150 people.

In 2019, a number of changes were made to the festival and competitive program of the Delphic Games.The nomination "Visualization and presentation of a scientific study", which appeared in 2018, was significantly expanded. In addition, the nomination "Protection of personal data" appeared, which was organized in conjunction with Roskomnadzor. This nomination was aimed at raising the qualifications of the population in the field of digital technologies, as well as the search for young talents in the field of information technology.

All contests of youth dolphic games are broadcast online on the Internet channel Delphiktv.

Each region of our country at independently sends its consolidated application in electronic form to youth dolphic games. It lists all the participants, which the edge or region want to imagine on competitions.

Prior to that, on the ground they spend their qualifying tours on the game, from their winners, as a result, a delegation is formed. Participate in Dolphic Games as well as in the Olympics can be several times – most importantly, approach by age.

The deadline for submission of applications – from February 10 to February 28, 2022. After the lists received from the regions are considered, the final number of participants in the games will be determined.