How to download games with playing market to computer for free

Selecting a better emulator. Downloading and installing Bloustacks 3. Platform use manual on a computer, application search and their installation.

Google games on your computer for free

It happened for sure with each: played on the smartphone to your favorite game, we decided to try to do it on the PC and that no hope was not created for the computer. It is natural, so things are doing with all the games of Android, because thousands of developers work precisely on the creation of apps APK for Google Play Market.

The ability to enable the game on your computer is, for this you should install a special program – an Android emulator that supports Play Market and allows you to download games and play them using a PC resource. Thus, it is possible to establish such games that are not able to play on the smartphone due to the weak processor.

Tips for choosing emulators

Note the two best. First Simulator – Nox App Player, Second Bluestacks. For full use, you will need a system unit or laptop with installed Windows installed. Consider more work in the Bluestacks emulator.

With BlueStacks, we will get acquainted in more detail below, and now consider the five most popular emulators and carry out a brief overview of each.

  1. Amiduos. Paid program, the price of 9 euros. Today is the youngest simulator Play Market. The installation of the program occurs in just a minute, simulation android smooth, smooth, explicit failures are not marked. This product is a top solution for software developers. . The free program that first contained many errors, some games were strongly fascinated, and others did not open at all. However, today, Andy developers got rid of almost all errors, so the program is now able to replace even BlueStacks. . Free program. Great for testing applications, supports plugins. It is possible to fully turn the game on the whole screen. DRID4X is used by those who prefer to play on the big screen. . Free, but contains a paid license. Like the previous product, Genymotion contains a number of settings that allow you to test applications. Today, there are problems with productivity, delays are detected in games, but developers are already working on it.

Download and install BluesTacks

To take advantage of this program, you first need to download the free installation file by reference below.

Installing the emulator

Installing the Bloustacks program does not cause any problems – click on the installation file and wait.

After installation, the program for a short time (3-5 minutes) starts the virtualization engine, so you should wait a bit. All along with the installation goes on average no more than 7 minutes.

Install the application on your computer

Search for applications in the Play Market

To open the play market, you need to click on the second tab "Application Center", here in the "Search" column you can select the applications that interest you.

If you have a desire to download and play an online game with other opponents, then the emulator allows you to do this without problems, while the opponents will play through smartphones, and you – on a computer.

game installation space trip

Let's say we want to install and play the Space Ride game. In this case, enter the name of the game in the Play Market search and wait for the installation.

Space Ride game powered by BlueStacks

After some time, you can enjoy the Android game on your computer.

Video with an example:

You can learn more about setting up BlueStacks here:

The BlueStacks emulator is very easy to use, it syncs perfectly and copes with the installation of any android applications.