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I will describe my situation with this office! He played in the league since 18, in principle, there was never questions on the conclusion! There were technical questions, but through the WP support, everything was all operational! 10.04 replenished the balance for 10 thousand and won! Part of the money managed to withdraw, part was at the rates while there was a tennis on TV, the account was safely blocked! I scored in a VIP support, said anything terrible, I need to re-identify via PPS !! Ok, on the clock 3 nights, went. The girl in the PPS made a photocopy of the passport and killed me with his answer about the identification! It turns out that the bookmaker has no technical ability to re-pass identification, the program does not accept the data. Said, you need to make an appeal! I made an appeal, sent! Supported support in VIP, the manager said that the data was taken to work, but no responsible employees, the appeal will be considered during working hours (the question of what appeal. You yourself sent me to PPS, to prevent a passport and misleading forced this appeal). By typing in the morning of those support, the voice at that end kindly informed me that the question would be resolved after 10.00! Not at 11, not at 12, not in the evening, the question is not resolved! Such support, referring to the rules point, says that the term of consideration of my circulation of 30 days, access to the site is suspended!

Dear representative of the “honest BC” I had many questions. to you:

  1. Why mislead and send all PPP players to pass allegedly re-identification, although it turned out that such technical capabilities you do not have
  2. Why a batch league company, when blocking an account, refuses to provide an official document confirming the amount of money on the balance at the time of blocking the account.
  3. On what basis you keep money not belonging to your company, for the period that you yourself are invent
  4. Why I unilaterally can not break the relationship with you and return the funds from me on the balance sheet, your club?

Friends, from the whole of the current situation and reading a lot of negative reviews about this company, I can make your own conclusion, do not start your money to the bookmaker, they are interested in ludormans who carry money to them, win and bring you away to you! They are ready to invest millions on advertising on federal channels, to be the official sponsor of the RFP, but to pay the players to their penny, this is not for them.

At the moment, I can not even contact the law enforcement agencies, because I can not show a fraud scheme from the batch league, because Access is closed to a personal account with a margin. Contact your nearest club. I sent a claim to SRO, I will write separately by the results!

I do not advise this office, a waste of time and money, deception and rates and with the outcome of the match to solve the question?! Also an empty spending time, not to get through, but what to solve that. Clear and without it, you only contribute)) !!

On April 8, he bet on the match, the US Cup Open – Birmingham-Southern States SC and browsed the match broadcast in the mobile application application, the Southern States SC team in the second half led with a score of 0: 3. After the score became 0: 3, the broadcast stops and removed the event from Lyiv. After some time on the event that I put learned that the score is not 0: 3, and 3: 1 in favor of Birmingham. How so? You yourself put an event in Lyiv with a broadcast, after saying what you have crashes! How? After all, there was a broadcast!

The account was blocked after the winning of the Freibet in the competition in VC, even two winnings in different contests, were offered to visit the nearest club with documents but is 150 km away from me. Posted in the service of the POLITIES so in the end, there is generally a contract

Blocked on the second day. Identification in the ZUPIS is passed, only started money, send to the club. which in our city is not! And it is not because in my opinion scammers.

League rates are not about honesty.

I will say clearly and on the case: in March-month in the competition held on
The site Prognoznado.ru, where the gambling operator is the league of rates, ranked first.

The rules say: “The monthly tournament” League of Winners “, conducted together with the Russian Bookmaker League of the League of Rates – these are fatty winnings and a large number of prizes. For example, for the 1st place, the gambling operator will give freebet for 10,000 rubles! ”

But not everything should be believed, especially when in the batch league. Everyone paid today, and I was told NO. We limit you in activity .. very “interesting” is the situation, however. I, as a user of the site, I watch the daily advertising of the betting league on the site, personally invite other kings to the site for the competition, and I tell me “yes you went.” So it will not go .. I did not fulfill the marketing partner and are not fulfilled. And these complaints have become monthly and on different resources ..

PS: Only last month I received Fribet 12000 r for another contest and 2000 r for the VK contest from the betting league .. what my account was right now.

Or do you need only new customers?! Well, then designate it in the rules .. so it is not very beautiful somehow .. the compound from such a “cowardice” of the office. Something recently changed for the worse. I do not advise.