Games in the company for adults. Birthdays

We have games for children, but even adults also want to have fun. I decided that the section with adult games would not hurt us, and I ask everyone to take part in its filling. Send your games through the form of sending below, or just by mail.

Games in the company for adults

group games for adults

We have games for children, but even adults also want to have fun. I decided that the section with adult games would not hurt us, and I ask everyone to take part in its filling. Send your games through the form of sending below, or just by mail.

A train

The company is seated, forming a circle, well, or at least just a closed chain. The subject (thing) is taken, which is convenient to keep and transmit. Then the thing is transmitted from hand to hand in a circle, and the whole company says the following words at the same time: "Chuh-Chukhi-Chuh, knock the wheels, the train rushes me forward. Who will come down at the bus stop, he dies and sleep". A person who, in the last word, was in the hands of the thing, should sing or steal (any entity number is suitable).

Family Foots

A few people are selected from the company (no more than five), which are exposed to the door. And then invite inside one person. When the "victim" enters, the company overtakes it with wild cries "We are a family of Adams, a family of idiots. We will please us! Make it so that we patted!". And the "victim" is forced to entertain the crowd with songs, dancing and so on., And the "family" must repeat all its actions. The winning family falls into close hugs, and the next victim is called.

The one who (as you have already guessed) praises.


A few people are selected from the company, about eight, it is desirable equal to the number of both the male and female sex. Unobtrusively arrange them into the line, observing the alternation of the "girl". Each of them, in turn, must praise some part of the body near a person. From left to right. Then – in the opposite direction (if there are many people, optionally). And the audience remember all this. And the most important thing! Now each of the players kisses the place that he praised the neighbor.

Who is faster "sewing"

Two teams of players must "sew" all team members to each other. Instead of a needle, a spoon is used to which the thread is tied, the twine. You can "sew" through the strap, strap, loop on trousers, in a word, through the fact that the dignity of the partner will not insult.

What is there behind your back?

Two rivals on the backs are jumped with clear pictures (drawings) and paper mugs with numbers, for example: 96, 105, etc. Players converge in a circle, become one leg, the other is pressed under the knee and stick with hand. The challenge is that, standing, jumping on one leg, look behind the opponent's back, see the figure and see what is drawn in the picture.The one who first "decrypt" the enemy is defeated.

Sorvi hat

Two players can compete, and there are two teams. Draws a circle. There are players in the circle, each of them has a left hand tied to the body, and on the head – the hat. The task is simple and not easy – remove the cap from the enemy and not allow you to remove your own. For each removed hat, the team gets a point.

Get boxes

To sit on a stool, squeeze my legs and, without touching the floor with my legs and hands, get the teeth of the matches, standing "on the ass" in one of the rear legs of stools. You can spin on a stool as you like.

Give the honor

I honor the right hand, and the left at the same time stretch forward with a hoping thumb, saying: "Way!" Then clap your hands and do the same, but quickly changed your hands.

Spoon on the leg

Stool turns over, the player blindfolded to each her leg becomes back. In the hands of participants across the tablespoon. According to the signal of the lead, they make three steps forward, turn around and try to put it quickly, attach a spoon on their leg. Two first to whom it succeeds, won.

Talks "kernel"

A few balloons poured 1/3 of a glass of water. Then the balls are inflated to the same size. In the room (hall) chalk, circles with a diameter of 1.5 meters are drawn. The balloon – the "core" participant must push as far as possible as it is done in athletics. Wins the one who pushed him on all.

Dun in boxes

Free the boxes from matches. Put it with half and, putting it to the mouth, strongly dunge. Boxes can fly pretty far. Spend the competition "Aerial shooters." This departing from the box with a paper drawer can be:

  • try to get into the small chalk circle
  • hit a light paper target
  • get a box in the basket installed on the floor
  • Try to set the record, i.e. "Redue" a box through some kind of bar

Who quickly?

Players are divided into two teams. The presenter gives two empty box without an inner paper drawer. Task: Quickly transfer the boxes on the teamwork partners … nose. If the box fell, it is raised, put on the nose, and the contest continues. It seems to be simple, but without agility can not do.

Newspaper note

From the titles of various newspapers and magazines, they must first be cut, players must compile a short humorous story, criminal chronicle, official gentleman, feuilleton, report, interview, essay, announcement, advertising, etc. For this you need paper, glue, tassel and sense of humor. Forward!

Remember without looking

Does any of us are well present that he almost always in front of his eyes in the room where he lives where he learns? Suddenly, without warning anyone, spend the competition, who more precisely will say how many paintings on the wall, which curtains on the window, what a drawing on the wallpaper, who is above – Kolya or Vitya, etc.

Drawing from words

(auditory and visual memory)

To play the game, it is necessary that one of the players schematically depict something not very complicated on paper, for example, a house with smoke coming from the chimney and birds flying in the sky. The host shows the picture to one of the players and then hides it. The one who saw it whispers to the second what is depicted on it. The second in a whisper retells what he heard to the third, and so on. the last to know the content of the picture is the one who will depict it. What he has drawn is compared with the picture itself, then the quality of the oral story about it, in which all the players participated, is evaluated.


This game is useful because it perfectly trains memory. Players take turns (in a circle) to pronounce words either on a predetermined topic, or just any. At the same time, he must first repeat all the previously named words. Example: "love" – ​​"love, mailing" – "love, mailing, game" – "love, mailing, game, commentator". The one who goes astray is given an attempt to correct himself. If the second time the player cannot repeat the entire row, he is out. The last one remaining is the winner.

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contests, board games

there are also interesting games that you can play in a company, for example, mafia.
Here I insert the rules and games in the mafia:

Professional rules for playing Mafia

Ten people participate in the game. The facilitator oversees the course of the game and regulates its stages.

To determine the roles, the facilitator distributes cards face down: one to each player. There are 10 cards in a deck: 7 red cards and 3 black cards. "Reds" are civilians, and "Blacks" are mafiosi.

One of the 7 red cards differs from the rest – it is the card of the Sheriff – the leader of the "Reds". "Blacks" also have their own leader – the Don card.

The game is divided into alternating stages of two types: day and night.
Purpose of the game: Blacks must eliminate Reds and vice versa.

Ten players are seated at the game table. The host announces "night" and all players put on masks. After that, in turn, each player removes the mask, selects a card, remembers it, the leader removes the card and the player puts on the mask.

Participants in bandages tilt their heads down so that the movements of neighbors or the play of shadows do not become a source of additional information for them.

The host announces: "The mafia is waking up." Participants who have received black cards, including the Mafia Don, remove their bandages and get to know each other and the Host. This is the first and only night when the mafiosi open their eyes all together. It was given to them in order to agree with gestures on the procedure for eliminating the "Reds". The “agreement” should be carried out quietly so that the “Red” players sitting next to them do not feel the movements. The host announces: "The mafia is falling asleep." After these words, "Black" players put on armbands.

The host announces: "Don is waking up." Don opens his eyes and the Host gets acquainted with Don. On subsequent nights, Don will wake up in order to find the Sheriff of the game.Host: "Don is falling asleep." Don puts on a bandage.

Host: "The Sheriff is waking up." The Sheriff wakes up and meets the Leader. On subsequent nights, the Sheriff will be able to wake up and look for the "Blacks". Host: "The Sheriff falls asleep."

Host: Good morning! Everyone is waking up."

First day. Everyone takes off their bandages. During the day there is discussion. According to the professional rules of the Mafia game, each player is given one minute to express their ideas, thoughts and suspicions.

The Reds must identify the Black players and take them out of the game. And the "Blacks" will provide themselves with an alibi and remove a sufficient number of "Red" players from the game. "Blacks" are in a better position, because they know "who is who."

The discussion begins with the player number one and then around the circle. During the day's discussion, players can nominate players (no more than one per player) with the aim of removing them from the game. At the end of the discussion, the candidates are voted on. The candidate with the most votes is eliminated from the game.

If only one candidate is nominated for the first round (Day), it shall not be voted. During the following circles (Days), any number of candidates are voted. The player who left the game has the right to the last word (duration – 1 minute).

The game has the term "Car Crash". This is a situation in which two or more players get the same number of votes. In this case, the voters are given the right to justify themselves within 30 seconds, convince the players of their “redness” and stay in the game. There is a vote. If someone gets more votes, he is out. If the players again gain an equal number of votes, then the question is put to the vote: “Who is in favor of all the voters leaving the game?”. If the majority votes for elimination, the players leave the game, if against – they stay, if the votes are evenly divided, the players remain in the game.

After the first round, night falls again. During this and the following nights, the mafia has the opportunity to "shoot" (a gesture specified at the beginning of the game). The "shooting" takes place as follows: the mafiosi, who agreed on the order of eliminating the "Reds" on the first night, "shoot" (with their eyes closed!) in the following nights.

The host, after the words “mafia goes hunting,” announces the numbers of the players in turn, and if all the mafiosi shoot at the same number at the same time, then the object is hit. According to the rules of the Mafia game If one of the members of the mafia "shoots" at another number, or does not "shoot" at all, the Leader fixes a miss. "Shooting" occurs by imitation of a shot with fingers. The host announces: "The mafia is falling asleep."

Then the Host announces: "Don is waking up." Don wakes up and tries to find the Sheriff of the game. He shows on the fingers of the Leader any number, behind which, in his opinion, the Sheriff is hiding. The presenter with a nod of the head either confirms his version or denies it. Don falls asleep.

The Sheriff wakes up. He is also entitled to night checks.He is looking for "Black" players. After the Leader's answer, the Sheriff falls asleep, and the Leader announces the start of the second day.

If the mafia eliminated the player at night, the Host announces this and gives the last word to the victim. If the mafia missed, the Host announces that the morning is really good, and no one was hurt at night.

The discussion of the second day begins with the next, after the player who spoke first in the previous round.

During this and the next rounds, everything happens similarly to the first day. Nights and days alternate until one or another team wins.

The game ends with the victory of the "Reds" in the event that all the "Black" players are eliminated. "Blacks" win when there is an equal number of "Reds" and "Blacks".

The subtleties of the rules of the game in the mafia:

The player is obliged to draw his game number.
2. The player has no right to swear, bet, or appeal to any religion, swear, insult the players. For this, the Host removes the offending player from the game.
The player is not allowed to say the word "Honestly" or "I swear" in any form. For this violation, the player receives a warning.
The player does not have the right to deliberately peep "at night". If this violation is detected, the player is removed from the game, and is usually deprived of the opportunity to visit the Club for a long time. In case of involuntary peeping, the player is removed from the game.
The player has the right to nominate only one candidate.
The player has the right to withdraw his candidacy as part of his speech.
The player has the opportunity to vote for only one candidate.
When voting, the player must touch the table with his hand and keep it on the table until the end of the vote. The end of the voting coincides with the word of the Host "Thank you". A vote placed after the word "Thank you", or together with the word "Thank you", is not accepted. The leader counts the vote only if the hand touches the table.
If, during the voting, a player touches the table with his hand before the word “Thank you”, and then removes it, then he is immediately removed from the game.
If the player has not voted, his vote is assigned to the last voted.
The "black" player has the right to "shoot" only once. "Shot" is considered effective only in this case. In all other cases (player does not “shoot”, “shoots” twice) the Leader registers a miss. A miss is also recorded if the player "shoots" between the called Lead numbers.
The "Red" player at night has no right to show signs to the Sheriff whom to check. For this violation, the player is removed from the game.
The “black” player at night does not have the right to show signs to Don whom to check. For this violation, the player is removed from the game.
The player does not have the right to sing, dance, hit the table, speak and perform other actions that are not included in the "night" behavior of the players. For this violation, the player receives a warning from the Leader.
Don and Sheriff are unable to check in the first night.
Don and Sheriff have the right to check no more than one player each at night.
The player is not allowed to speak out of turn. For this violation, he receives a warning from the Leader.
The player has the right to speak during the daytime discussion for no more than 1 minute. For non-compliance with the rules, the player receives a warning.
During a Car Crash, the player has the right to speak for 30 seconds. For non-compliance with the rules, the player receives a warning.
After the Leader’s phrase “Night is falling”, the player must immediately put on a bandage. In case of delay, the player receives a warning.
The host has the right to give warnings for: a) unethical behavior, b) excessive gestures that interfere with the game or distract the players, c) other violations, the degree of which is determined by the host.
If a player uses profanity, “inhumane” and “obscene” behavior of a player at the gaming table (including due to the player’s excessively “alcohol-cheerful” state!) or insulting another player, the player may be removed from the game by decision Leading.
According to the professional rules of the Mafia game, a player who receives three warnings loses a word for one round. If a player receives a third warning after his performance on a lap, he will be forfeited for the next lap.
The player who receives the fourth warning is removed from the game.
A player who protests before the end of the game is removed from the game.
Mafia game rules stipulate that a protest can be taken into consideration by the host only after the end of the game.
The game is annulled, its result is changed or replayed if the protesting team (in full) + one player from among the opponents votes for the protest.
The player who left the game immediately leaves the game table.
With any removal from the game, the player does not have the right to the last word.

There are other rules for playing Mafia on the cards. How to play Mafia is up to you, but the presented version of the rules of the Mafia card game is the most interesting and balanced. In any case, Mafia is an exciting psychological board game that can deliver incomparable intellectual pleasure.