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184 ads for the sale of Sportbikes

Sportbike Honda CBR 400 2017 in Khmelnitsky

Honda CBR400 recently brought from Japan, in good condition, everything works. .

Sportbike Yamaha R1 2016 in Kyiv

  • 10 thousand km
  • Kyiv (from)
  • Gasoline, 1 l.
  • Manual / Mechanics

The legendary Yamaha R1 motorcycle In the remaining "body", which will not be changed until 2021 Additional systems: ABS system for safe galvanization TCS anti-roll traction control system (controlled lifting of the motorcycle on the rear wheel) new look, sales from the first owner in Ukraine Original run 10,000 km Usage of factory marks, engine, electric and galvanized saving systems

Sportbike Honda CBR 1000 2017 in Kyiv

  • 5 thousand km
  • Kyiv (from)
  • Gasoline, 1 l.
  • Not specified

Honda CBR 1000 RR HRC Motorcycle with documents, legal 1 driver in Ukraine All keys Lightweight discs Electronic Galma brembo Two-way Quick shifter Launch Wheel control treksh ABS Sewing of the hands

Sportbike Ducati Panigale 959 2018 in Kyiv

  • 4 thousand km
  • Kyiv (from)
  • Gasoline, 1 l.
  • Not specified

Legendary Ducati Panigale 959 2018 RІK MEETINGUE LEIGNERS, STRITY TO UKR OBLIKOK Z NY SNIMAGE, ONE VERMANY IN UKRAINІ MOTORCYKICS VISION IN KIKAVI VIDMINE STANІ, CONCENT NOT VIMAGAє, SPI Roshidniki Yak Novі, 4000 rіdny trigu, Nose core, ABS, traction, quick shifter, robotic engine modes, which regulate the tension of the motorcycle, for reference. Peresglyady mozhlivy for the mind of the old housekeeping.

Sportbike Kawasaki Ninja 650R 2017 in Rivne

  • 8 thousand km
  • Rivne (from)
  • 0.65 l.
  • Not specified

The service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Rivne works during martial law. Customs cleared. abs. New bike condition! Sat-went! .

Sportbike Kawasaki EX 650 2016 in Sambor

  • 8 thousand km
  • Sambir (from)
  • Gasoline, 0.65 l.
  • Manual / Mechanics

JKAEXEF1 x GD x x x x 06 AUTO.RIA checked the VIN code and compared the information from the seller with the data from the MIA registers. Check the entire history of the car

Motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja 650 (EX650) ABS 2016 rick. Everything is in perfect condition without chips or scratches.2. Mileage 8 thousand km. Garage storage.

Sportbike Viper F2 2015 in Bogorodchany

  • 9 thousand km
  • Bogorodchany (from)
  • Gasoline, 0.2 l.
  • Manual / Mechanics

economy rate 3.5 to 4.5 per 100km, write to viber, or follow the number zero 9 sixth 6 one 9 nine 1 .

Sportbike Jonway YY 2020 in Kharkov

  • 1 thousand km
  • Kharkiv (from)
  • Gasoline, 0.25 l.
  • Machine

LL0TDNPE9LY608319 AUTO.RIA checked the VIN and compared the information from the seller with the data from the registers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Check the entire history of the car

The condition of the new motorcycle, automatic transmission, xenon optics.

Sportbike Suzuki GSR 600 1995 in Vinnitsa

  • 48 thousand km
  • Vinnitsa (from)
  • Not specified
  • Manual / Mechanics

I sell a motorcycle in good condition, the first owner in Ukraine, bargaining is possible, everything was serviced, I went! .

Sportbike Kayo 125 2010 in Nizhyn

  • 1 thousand km
  • Nizhyn (from)
  • Gasoline, 0.11 l.
  • Manual / Mechanics

Mini bike 110 cc Perfect for learning to ride a motorcycle. Return is not important, the main desire.It is the average between a children's mini bike and an ordinary large motorcycle. This is the teen version. The engine is new. Mileage less than 100 km. Rear wheel from r10 scooter for power suppression. Because the engine was very strong. The maximum speed was not measured. Approximately should go more than 120 km / h. Very playful and powerful for its weight and size. Box 4 mortar. The exchange will also be interesting.

Sportbike Honda CBR 600 2005 in Nikolaev

  • 51 thousand km
  • Nikolaev (from)
  • Gasoline, 0.6 l.
  • Manual / Mechanics

Selling my moto. At full combat speed, last season I changed both tires, front pads, oil, made a fork, and so on. Didn't let me down in 2 seasons! .

Sportbike TARO GP1 2021 in Zaporozhye

  • 2 thousand km
  • Zaporozhye (from)
  • Gasoline, 0.4 l.
  • Manual / Mechanics

I will sell a current motorcycle that has been run in, it is possible to exchange it for an Auto with my surcharge.