Preparations for the competition "Sport for All" of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. |

Without a keyword, on January 19, 2021, the webinar “Principles and rules of the “Sport for All” competition (the concept of “social sport”, goals, objectives, directions of the competition) will be held. Webinar starts at 10.00

Without a keyword


On January 19, 2021, the webinar "Principles and Rules of the Sport for All Competition" (the concept of "social sport", goals, objectives, directions of the competition) will be held.
The webinar starts at 10:00 Moscow time.

"Sport for All" is a competition aimed at identifying and supporting amateur sports project initiatives that contribute to the involvement of citizens in solving social problems.

The competition focuses on organizations that use social sports practices, as well as partnership and cooperation formats between local communities and non-profit organizations in the field of sports. The competition is being launched for the first time – as part of the Power of Sports program. The amount of financing for one project is up to 1.5 million rubles. Applications are accepted until February 28, 2021.

Non-profit organizations (including budget ones) and/or their structural/separate subdivisions operating in the field of sports and physical culture (with the exception of professional sports), health protection and prevention, education, culture, social support and protection of citizens, environmental protection, charity.

The grant fund of the competition is 30 million rubles. More information about the competition can be found on the competition page.

To support the participants of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, he organizes a series of webinars. The first one will take place on January 19, 2021, starting at 10:00, at the webinar you will learn what “social sport” is; goals, objectives, directions of the competition "Sport for All".