What is a sport; Flowers of life

What is sport? That's life! Tell the children about sports, about sports, competitions and the Olympic Games. Physical activity is an important parameter.

What is sport?

Sport is an important part in the life of every person. Back in ancient times, our ancestors took their benefit to weapons. The first sport is the struggle that arose from cavemen. Remember the ancient Greece, where then there was a lot of different kinds, as well as run, throwing a spear and a disk, chariot racing.

Let's talk today with children about sports, sports and the most important global sports competitions.

Children's game complexes in this matter are also excellent assistants! They are much more fun, faster and easier occurs rapprochement with sports.

Winter and Summer Sports

Be sure to tell the children about sports. Sports traditionally accepted to divide on winter and summer sorts. For winter species include: hockey, figure skating, speed skating, skiing, snowboarding, sleigh and others. Winter Sport is very fun, will allow you to warm up even on the coldest day, it greatly strengthens the immune system, the power of will, develops dexterity and endurance.

Summer sports is also a lot. Summer sports include: bike, tennis, football, surfing, kiting, handball.

In addition, there are sports that can be engaged all year round: dancing, gymnastics, light and weightlifting, swimming, struggle, acrobatics, equestrian sports, fencing, basketball, volleyball. Yes, and the favorite and "calm" chess is also a sport!

Olympic Games

How in sports do without a holiday? Yes, in the world of sports there is your own, big and very interesting holiday! And it is called – Olympic Games! Perhaps every professional athlete dreams of becoming an Olympic champion. With due diligence and perseverance, it is quite possible to achieve.

Olympic Games are the most serious sports contests in which professional athletes participate in all countries. Each represents its country and shows its skill in a particular sport. Competitions are held every four years. Even a simple participation without conquering medals is very prestigious!

The history of the Olympic Games originated in ancient Greece. It was there for the first time competitions in the city of Olympia. It is not difficult to guess why games are called Olympic. During games, all wars stopped, and a temporary truce was declared, which in no case should have been violated. Even weapons contributed to the city was forbidden.

The traditional symbol of the Olympic Games is considered five different colored, woven rings. They personify communications and friendship between the five continents of the Earth. Friendship between all people on the planet, unity, despite the nation and color of the skin.

Another tradition is related to the opening of the games: necessarily include the Olympic anthem and raise the Olympic flag. When the games end, the flag is also solemnly lowered and passed to the representative of the city in which the following Olympic Games will be held.

There is also, filled with symbolism, Olympic fire. It is lit in the city of Olympia before the start of the competition and rushing at the athletes to the city in which games will be held. It happens, it is transported on the ship. The honorary mission of the ignition fire at the stadium is assigned to one of the famous athletes of the host country of the Olympic Games this year.

Why is it important to play sports?

About sports for children can be said infinitely long. After all, sport is a very important thing in a person's life. They need to deal with childhood, even if you are not going to become a professional athlete. There are several reasons for this.

  1. This will help strengthen the immune system. So, you will hurt less and bored at home. When you play sports, your body leaves all harmful substances, but the cells are saturated with necessary for life and well-being oxygen, blood in the body moves faster, and therefore you cope with the attacks of microbes faster.
  2. During physical education, the body in the body is intensively producing such a substance as an endorphine. It is different called "hormone of joy." Thanks to him after playing sports, you feel cheerful and cheerful. Scientists have proven that physical education improves mood.
  3. Sports exercise is a great opportunity to become stronger, to obtain such character traits such as hard work, persistence, responsibility, self-organization, will and dedication.
  4. Sport is the high probability of finding great friends with whom it is nice to spend time and share your achievements.
  5. Active sport also positively affects self-esteem, leadership qualities and self-esteem.

In short, sport is useful for health, interesting and important in the life of every person. Even if you do not plan to participate in the Olympic Games, you can always engage in a favorite sport for yourself and maintaining health and wonderful well-being!

It's good to tell children about sports on the example of your favorite cartoons and useful TV shows. Together with the kids, we recommend to see the release with Hryoshi and Stepashchi about physical culture, sports and health: