Gaming sites with money output

Internet games are considered in demand for making money online. He quickly became popular, and every year becomes only demanding. New projects appear regularly, honestly paying winnings.

Gaming sites with money output

Game sites are in demand from network users. Many can not only have a pleasant time, but also to win money. The rating of such sites will help choose a reliable portal.

Gaming sites with money output


The site has been operating since 2014. The game is based on hiring the gnomes that perform ore mining. Characters are divided into 5 species, each has its own price and performance. After their acquisition, the gnomes begin to extract ore. The user's frequency establishes independently – every week or once a day.

After transferring ore to the warehouse, it can be exchanged for gold coins. They are transferred to the account for output and shopping. You can then translate funds to e-wallets. Earnings are possible with the help of a daily bonus, referrals and self-replenishment of the balance, which is spent on the purchase of gnomes.


On the Internet you can find a lot of positive feedback about this project. The game includes 5 species of birds, characterized by flowers and fertility. The bred eggs sell, and get – silver. After that, the funds are transferred to the account.

First, birds can be obtained free. There is also a bonus that is provided daily. The user is offered:

Players can earn on a referral program. Every day, 2 thousand new participants comes to the site. Funds are paid not only to popular wallets, but also on the cards.

Games with a variety of money. Before registration, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the site, thanks to which all the nuances will be known. Only after that you can play


Mining is called the creation of a certain structure in cryptocurrency. This is a block of bonded video cards that perform data decoding. For this, the owners of these "farms" receive a reward.

This process is considered the basis of the game. But it is performed virtually. The withdrawal of funds can be carried out on many popular e-wallets.


An interesting game allows you to capture the planets. It is represented as a solar system. Users can acquire planets, make a profit. When registration passed, the left will be a section where you can choose them. Each planet has its price, and profit they bring different.

After the acquisition, you need to regularly visit the account, make a profit. Money is transferred to bills for purchases and output. You can earn with the help of a referral system. The output is performed on the user request at any time.


The game provides an opportunity to become a banker. On the site users can get a bank, build their system. What size it will be depends on the player itself.

There are 8 types of banks that are characterized by cost and income. Although the site began to work in 2020, but has already gained popularity among users. Players are invited to earn on a 7-level referral system. Money is transferred to e-wallets.


In this game site, users can get their collective farm in which animals are bred. Players can purchase:

  • chicken;
  • goats;
  • pigs;
  • cows;
  • sheep.

Each animal has its price and productivity. The site provides bonuses, "magic" boxes. You can still invite friends on the referral system. The project has been working since 2016. Funds can be transferred to the phone, card, electronic wallets.

Thus, there are many sites with real payments. It is necessary to choose reliable sites in demand from users. Then there you can safely play.