Summer camp dating games

A selection of interesting games for dating in the camp. Games will help children get to know each other and unite in a team.

Summer camp dating games

The main task for educators and counselors at the beginning of the shift is to introduce and rally the children in the team. Most often, children coming to a children's camp do not know each other. In order for them to adapt more easily, get to know each other and make friends faster, and also rally into a friendly team, teachers should conduct acquaintance games in the children's camp in the first days.

The games we offer are suitable not only for the acquaintance stage, but will also be interesting for the entertainment of the guys during the shift. In the game, children will be able to quickly find friends, exchange general impressions and just have fun.

Games for acquaintance in camp

Dating games in the camp

Dating games can also be divided into 2 groups. The first is games for the initial acquaintance of children. Such games are best played in the first days of your stay at the summer camp. The guys will quickly remember the names, appearance and activity of their peers in the form of a game.

The second group – games for secondary acquaintance. In these games, the guys will get to know their comrades more deeply. Learn about their habits, favorite activities, hobbies.

Name circle game

This is a fun game for memorizing the members of one team (in the camp – a detachment). Children sit or stand in a circle. The first participant says his name. The next one standing next to you (you can go clockwise) says his name and calls the name of the first participant. The next one says his name and the names of the guys who have already named themselves before him. The game goes in a circle and the very first child in the end must name all the children playing.

Of course, it can be difficult for kids, and even older children, to remember so many names the first time. But here the work of the educator and counselors is important. In an easy game form, you can prompt the children or prepare badges in advance and fix them on the children's clothes with the reverse side. So the participant who forgot the name will be able to approach (tactile and eye contact) and turn the badge over to read the name of the child.

The main goal of this game is rallying and acquaintance, overcoming shyness and quick adaptation among children.

Game Whose Badge?

Counselors or educators prepare name badges for all the children in the squad (you can just write the name on a small piece of paper). All children are divided into 2 teams. Participants from the first team in turn introduce themselves and talk a little about themselves. And they put their badge after the story in a bucket or box. Then the badge box is given to the second team.

The task of the opposite team is to correctly return the badges to the children so that everyone gets their card back.

Games in a children's camp for acquaintance

Game – What I brought with me to the camp

This dating game is suitable for both younger students and older children.

To play, children take 1-2 things that they brought with them to the camp (a toy, a favorite book, a photo, etc.). Each participant in turn calls his name and shows the rest of the children his thing and talks about it and about himself. After the story, other children can ask him questions.

Game – Who called?

This game is worth playing with the children after 2-3 days in the camp, when the guys have already got to know each other and easily communicate with each other.

Children stand in a row. One steps out of the line and stands with his back to the others. The leader points to one of the children standing in a row. He must call the name of the one who stands with his back. And the child must guess who called him.

If the child does not guess the one who called him, then the speaker introduces himself again. For example: I'm Katya, I called you.

So children not only remember the names of their classmates, but also learn to recognize friends by voice.

Game – Boys and girls

In each unit in the summer camp there are both boys and girls. But often they do not get close too quickly and get to know the opposite sex. Therefore, this game makes it possible for boys and girls to get to know each other, as well as to learn a little more about the guys from their squad.

Children are divided into teams of boys and girls and sit opposite each other. A team of boys calls any female name. If there is a child with that name among the girls, then the owner of this name rises and says a few words about herself (what she is fond of, what she loves, what she does not like).

Then, a team of girls calls out a man's name. And then the boy whose name was called speaks of himself. The game ends when all the children's names have been spoken.

Games in the summer camp

Noise names

This is one of the fun games that needs to be played by a huge team. It is desirable that absolutely all children in the camp, from young to old, participate in the game. Children gather at the sports ground or stadium. On command, everyone should call out their names. The goal of the game is to quickly find your namesakes and form a group of them.

Shoulder to Shoulder game

When meeting, it is important not only to remember the names of your new friends in the camp, but also to learn not to be afraid of other children. Often, children are reluctant to make contact with each other, they are afraid to touch another child. In this game, the tactile contact of the participants will be important.

Children stand on a long low bench. At the command of the counselor, the guys should sit on the bench in alphabetical order of the first letters of their names. You can only move around the bench without stepping on the ground with your feet. Children will have to try "shoulder to shoulder" to go to their places.

Postman game

The guys are divided into 2 teams. Each team collects their badges in a box and gives them to the leader. The counselor shuffles and lays out the inverted badges in front of the children from the other team.

Opposite each player is an inverted badge (or an envelope with a name), which indicates to whom it needs to be delivered (from the opposite team). Children take turns turning over the card and saying the name out loud.The recipient from another team raises his hand and says that it is he. The postman must make a letter to the addressee as quickly as possible. The winner becomes the fastest team.

Any game that an educator will come up with or a counseloan can become a good event and will help children get acquainted and make friends in the summer camp.