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II Stage of the Open Tournament for the CCL Cup Varyag 2018 Moscow, KSL Varyag

List of winners of the "New Year's Marathon" promotion (play "Marriage Figaro", Moscow Dramatic Theater named after A.S. Pushkin)

Date of the city of Culovka February 18, 2018 Race free style place Art. Surname, name G.R. Region, team Result Ringing glasses Once-d

Professional basketball club CSKA (Moscow) is the most titled Russian basketball club. CSKA fans can be considered lucky: they have the right to be proud of the story ... more Professional basketball club CSKA (Moscow) - the most titled Russian basketball club. CSKA fans can be considered lucky: they have the right to be proud of the story, which is not virtually anyone in Europe, remember the personalities of the scaffolding of basketball in the USSR and Russia. There is no longer an "final four" basketball Euroleague, without the participation of CSKA. The team is paying a lot without attention to the comfort of their fans. The campaign of team matches is focused on both adult fans and young basketball lovers. Spectators can observe not only for the best basketball players of Europe, but also enjoy various 3D shows and dance numbers from the famous Army Support Group. Turn

Cup of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Arkhangelsk Region Competitions on Ski Racing, among Workers

List of winners shares "All for skating 2018" (Stage 3)

List of winners of a special stage 2 shares "Vote All Summer"

List of winners of the second stage shares "Vote all summer"

Chief Judge Guriev I. A. Chief Secretary of Knyazeva V. E.


Place Girl and Organization Coach

Open championship and championship of the city of Yaroslavl in Aquatlon Yaroslavl Baikal

Head of the Highway Historid A.V. (Moscow region) of circles: start the year

Spring Skip Race Protocol on Sport Club Prizes

Protocol results of open competitions in the Ski Racing of the Heat-Ogarevsky district dedicated to the closure of the 2016 Winter Season

TECHNICAL DATA: Head of the Highway Historid A.V. (Moscow region) of circles: place. Start. Put. Surname, name

Complex urban competitions of the Olympics of the MGO VFSO "Dynamo" on ski racing

Competitions on skiing among labor collectives of the Rosseti Group of CompaniesDvorets_sporta_Megasport

Palace of Sports "Megasport"

Palace of Sports "Megasport" – address, prices, how to get there, working hours, photos and reviews of visitors.

Palace of Sports "Megasport"

The Megasport Sports Palace on Khodynskoye Pole is a unique building that meets all modern requirements for holding sports events at the international level.

Palace of Sports "Megasport"

It is mainly focused on holding competitions in hockey, figure skating and short track. Moreover, the specialists of the sports complex take into account the specifics of each of these sports when preparing ice.

Arena of the Sports Palace is universal. With the necessary transformation, it becomes a sports ground for volleyball, basketball, handball, tennis, gymnastics and boxing competitions. Under an agreement between the Government of Moscow and the management of the sports complex, the Sports Palace can provide its site for organizing competitions in twenty sports.

In the premises of the sports complex, training camps in almost all sports can be effectively and conveniently carried out. In addition to the main arena, there is a training arena.

Qualified specialists work around the clock in the medical center to help athletes in acute cases and rehabilitation. The center is equipped with all necessary equipment.

Palace of Sports "Megasport"

With an arena of 1800 square meters (60×30 meters) and stands for 14 thousand spectators, the Sports Palace organizes spectacular entertainment events. Everyone remembers the final concert of Ilya Averbukh's show "Stars on Ice", the anniversary show of Tatyana Tarasova, Evgeni Plushenko's programs "Stradivari's Golden Ice", "The Snow King".

The Sports Palace has a round auditorium, which reduces the number of side (uncomfortable) seats to a minimum – only 10% due to the fact that some of the side seats are actually diagonal, so they are more comfortable.

During the actual events, to inform the audience, a multi-profile media cube is installed under the arch of the Ice Palace.It consists of four boards, the size of 4 × 5 meters deployed into four tribunes.

You can find out the details on the official website:

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AFISH – Palace of Sports "Megasport"


Sports Palace "Megasport"

April 13, 2022 at 19:00

All the stars of figure skating in the show Etherea Tutberidze "Ice Champions" in Megasport! The best figure skaters will perform with the iconic programs immediately after the Olympics … more All stars of figure skating in the show Eteri Tutberidze "Ice Champions" in Megasport! Best skaters will perform With sign programs immediately after the Olympics in Beijing. April 13 at DS Megasport will be held a unique show of the most titled figure skaters of Russia and the world "Champions on Ice" .Team Tutberidze – Obviously, the best coaching team as part of ETER Tutberidze, Sergey Dudakov and Daniel Gleihengauz, who has robbed the whole winners, – Only once a year, at the end of the competitive season, it is an exceptional spectacle. All the stars of the Olympic team will give the audience the evening of sports, beauty and unforgettable impressions. Guests of the show will see competition programs with which Russian figure skaters have already established a number of world records and will fight for the Olympiad medals in Beijing. The show will take place immediately after the completion of all the main starts of the season: games in China and the World Championships. Its supplied elements and memorable images will not leave indifferent as long-standing fans of figure skating and those who only reveal it for themselves. A rare opportunity to see the strongest composition of existing athletes in one arena. Of course, one of the most striking cultural and sports events of 2022. Partners of the show: all the athletes Team Tutberidze teams and invited figure skaters are the leaders of the Russian national team. Looking at athletes always takes into account the location at the competition of the judiciary. All the main elements and transitions, the emotional promise of the program must be assessed as much as possible from the position of judges.Accordingly, the audience tribunes (S0, C2, C3 sectors), located directly beyond the places of the referee, also have the most successful overview of each speech, which affects the increase in the cost of the ticket in the specified sectors. Turn


Sports Palace "Megasport"

April 16 2022 at 14:00