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The Independent edition amounted to a rating of 70 heroes of the series "Game of Thrones". The best recognized the Queen Serne Lannister. Three also included her brothers Tyrion and Jame. At the fourth and fifth place – Keitlin Stark and Joffrey Barateon. The worst character in the show turned out to be Ricon Stark,

Named the best character "Games of Thrones"

Character Sersa Lannister

The Independent edition amounted to a rating of 70 heroes of the series "Game of Thrones".

Next follows spoilers to the released seasons "Games of the Thrones".

The best recognized Serne Lannister. It is noted that it has become one of the most difficult characters ever appearing on the screens, and the game Lina Hidi made fans to empathize with her, despite the fact that the Queen organized the explosion of the church, set up the death of her husband Robert Baraton and repeatedly attempted the life of Brother Tyrion.

Tyrion himself was in second place, which was called "a real hero with a furious intelligence." In addition, although many hate him for the fact that he is a dwarf, Tyrion due to his intellect is able to overcome the strongest enemies.

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The top three closed Jame Lannister, who originally appeared in the show as the "long-haired bad guy of the highest order", but in several seasons conquered the hearts of the audience due to the changes in his character.

In fourth place, Keitlin Stark was located, the death of which was considered one of the most striking episodes in the series. On the fifth – Joffrey Barateon, who managed to call a huge hatred from the fans of the Games of the Thrones.

In the top ten of the best heroes, Sandor "Dog" of Kligan, San San Stark, Baryna Tart, Petir Baleish and Robb Stark.

The worst character recognized Ricon, calling him the "most annoying child" of the families of storks. In the last positions, Robin Arren, Renley and Tommen Barateon are also located.

On March 5, a trailer of the final season "Games of Thrones" appeared on the network. Showing the final episodes of the series starts on April 14.