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Movie Brutal Games-2

Brutal Games-2 / Cruel Intensions 2

Horrible selection of actors, bad plot. The film is more like children's pornography under the censorship. Schoolchildren copulating at every corner of the prestigious school. Rave.
I do not advise you to spend time on viewing this film

Collective teenage cinema with a complaint about dramatic. The feeling that everything happens in some parallel universe, where there is no place for common sense, and people live contrary to all logic. How did Emi Adams entered here?!

All parts of cruel games are based on bed scenes, who slept with whom and who, how to revenge the essence of the film. In fact, in 2002-2004, risers were in demand were several copies of these video tapes, because Schoolgirls just dragged from such films. The plot is banal, a rich boy comes to school well, and everyone around him is worn.