How cool it is to live with a smart speaker: Alice's top skills you might not know about

Interactive figures from Frozen, games with LEGO Duplo sets and Kinder toys, character guessing and crazy stories, couch quests with friends and a breathalyzer. We have collected interesting ideas for a conversation with "Alice" inside your smart column.

How cool it is to live with a smart speaker: Alice's top skills you might not know about

Interactive figures from Frozen, games with LEGO Duplo sets and Kinder toys, character guessing and crazy stories, couch quests with friends and a breathalyzer. We have collected interesting ideas for a conversation with "Alice" inside your smart column.

The Alice voice assistant, which is installed inside all Yandex stations and in some columns from Yandex partners, is used by many for a timer, alarm clock and weather news. In fact, "Alice" is getting smarter every day. And special skills play a significant role in this, with which interaction with the column becomes even more interesting.

Skills are like applications that run on a voice or text command on all devices with Alice. For example, you can say: "Alice, start the "Guess the character" skill". A cool game will immediately start, where she will guess with the help of questions of a real or fictional character that you have guessed.

We have selected some interesting, in our opinion, "Alice" skills with which you can smooth out a gloomy rainy evening at home. All of them are collected on a special page. Separately, you can look at the rating of the most popular.

And if you don't have your own "Alice" at home, you can always find it in the Onlíner Catalog with free shipping and a 5% refund to the "Onlíner Clover" card.

Goodies, history and quests

"Charging for the eyes". Alice helps you take a break from your computer with eye exercises and relaxing background music.

Guitar tuning. Just say: «Start the "Guitar Tuning" skill". It works like popular guitar tuners on smartphones, only by ear and without visualization. If compared with them, then the sound of the strings of "Alice" coincides with their readings.

"Alcohol test". Based on body measurements, age and the amount of alcohol consumed, Alice calculates how much alcohol you have in your body and whether you can drive. True, it focuses on Russian laws on the permissible content of alcohol in the blood while driving. In any case, the skill should be taken as strictly entertaining. Under no circumstances should you drive drunk. Regardless of how much you drink.

"Victory Day". A historical skill created by Radio Mayak about the events of the last days of the war from February 24 to May 15. Yuri Levitan read out reports of the Soviet Information Bureau on events on the fronts of the war. Useful for both schoolchildren and history buffs and anyone who wants to remember the Great Patriotic War.

"Novgorod Chronicles". Very detailed immersion in a medieval city. The skill explains the city's device, its key objects and sounds many historical terms. The plot is built around the protection of independence of Novgorod from Moscow, where the player needs to make appropriate important decisions. The delaying quest turned out, sorry, not very long.

"Curious Salvador". Skill for dismantling in painting and architecture. Alice asks questions about artists, their lives and, of course, about their works. There is a competitive mode with a friend via the Internet. The skill is generally interesting and cognitive, but requires training. Please note that its functionality is different when used on a computer or in an application and on a column, where everything through voice and without pictures.

Who remembers the oldcual text games, will love the "Alice" skills, where with the help of voice commands you need to pass entire quests and use the most powerful graphics processor – your imagination. For example, here is a very cool skill "Time Cave". Naractive quest with an interesting plot and good variability of actions. In the same spirit you can try "The mystery of the dark labyrinth 2" with multi-voiced voice acting. One of the most popular quest skills – "Secret agent". He has 13 thousand assessments in Alice skills catalog, a lot of voice acting and four very exciting missions, where you need to explore different locations, study the documents, interrogate suspects and talk with the enemies so as not to issue yourself. Each solution also has consequences.

"Yes, Milord". Cool skill and also about the importance of making decisions and their consequences. On behalf of the king, you manage some lands and solve all questions and problems. For example, build a copper mine and hire peasant workers from land where mining is. Your wealth and influence grow. But as soon as you speak at the interrogation of the Inquisition, that the Earth rotates around the Sun, you will be arrested for faith in the heretical teachings of Copernicus and Bruno.

In the course of the game, it is necessary to constantly observe the balance between wealth and influence. Otherwise, the king executes you for the squabs and stupidity or because of the fear of losing power and envy to wealth.

For adults and with children

"Guess the character" – №1 in Chart Skills "Alice". Works on the principle of the famous computer game "Akinator". You will make a real or fictional character, and Alice is trying to guess him. Who did not play the "Akinator", he is guaranteed to experience the children's delight from the way "Alice" slowly comes up to the rays of the character, which you did not even pronounce aloud. Many know the feast analog of this game with stickers on the forehead.

Skill "Owl – Guess the Book" Works in the same way as the previous one, just asks to make a book and hero of it. The game process is similar, but pleasure no less.

"Entertaining stories". Вы говорите «Алисе» слова, а она составляет из них безумные, астрологические и просто прикольные истории.

«Три шкатулки». «Алиса» проверит вашу внимательность и память. Она кладет монетку в одну из шкатулок и меняет их местами, озвучивая свои действия вслух. Надо определить, в какой шкатулке монетка. В реальности это не так просто, как может показаться, особенно на сложных уровнях.

«Лимонадный киоск». Попробуйте себя в роли производителя и продавца лимонада. Перед каждым вам необходимо учитывать погодные условия, стоимость производства стаканчика лимонада, затраты на маркетинг в виде количества рекламных листовок и, конечно, стоимость одного стаканчика лимонада. Игра как для взрослых, так и для детей. С колонкой прикольно в нее играть, только вам точно потребуется записывать свои показатели и сводить дебет с кредитом на бумаге.

"The smartest". Одна из многочисленных викторин среди навыков «Алисы» и копия телевизионной игры «Слабое звено». Нехитрые вопросы, быстрые ответы и пополнение банка. В конце обязательно кто-то выбывает. На выбор несколько уровней сложности. На легком можно играть с детьми.

For kids

В детской категории собрано много навыков для младших школьников и дошкольников. Часть из них направлена на развитие тех или иных навыков. А другая часть — игры и викторины.

LEGO Duplo. Вместе с «Алисой» вы можете с вашим ребенком построить увлекательный рассказ вокруг конструктора из серии LEGO Duplo. Например, в наборе «Животные мира» необходимо найти гостей, которых лев пригласил на свой день рождения. «Алиса» сперва попросит найти человечка, потом найти ему машину или самолет из набора и проехать большой круг. Затем надо собрать всех животных вместе, а «Алиса» будет загадывать загадки про них и по-настоящему помогать, если возникнут трудности. Очень крутой навык, открывающий с новой стороны взаимодействие с умной колонкой и конструктором LEGO. Вот все наборы из этой серии, с которыми поможет играть «Алиса».

Игра «Графический диктант». Классическое упражнение из начальной школы. Отступаете несколько клеточек сверху и слева и начинаете рисовать картинку. «Алиса» говорит, на сколько клеточек надо провести линию влево или вправо. На выбор предлагается 17 картинок, что не очень много, но зато увлекательно.

«Чистим зубки» and «Моем ручки». Музыкальные навыки, прививающие хорошие привычки детям. На деле их проверить не удалось, но у «Чистим зубки» аж 3 тыс. оценок.

«Звериная зарядка». Помимо стандартной разминки, иногда ребенку надо побыть слоном, собачкой или лягушкой, выполняя характерные для этих животных активности.

«Изучаем транспорт». Навык позволяет узнать о разных видах транспорта и его назначении. Но самое в нем прикольное — угадывать транспорт по звуку. На компьютере или смартфоне еще доступны задания с картинками.

«Игра „Магазин“». An interesting role-playing game where the child acts as a seller of toys. Buyers describe the toy that they want to buy, and you need to guess, i.e., how to find it on the shelf or warehouse. There are a lot of music and accompanying sounds. And in the voice acting there are different voices, including several artificial.

"Guess the sound". "Alice" reproduces different sounds, and the child needs to determine what it is. For example, rain, horse, piano, thunder, sea, etc.

"The Council – Guess the Book". "I call this Mosh Intelligence." The skill works in the same way as "guess the character", only with voice acting in a childhood voice and only about characters from children's books.

A smart column can help with mathematical skills. In the Alice catalog there are a lot of them. Here, for example, "Iks on the game" – skill to repeat the multiplication table, where "Alice" after each successful round distributes compliments in the form of the titles "Umnitsa", "Teacher's pride", "inborn mathematician", etc. several levels of complexity There is in another skill "exciting mathematics".

Interactive toys

The new format of interaction with the smart column now also includes soft and beautiful "sinky" and detailed figures of heroes from the cold heart. After activating the "Alice" toys, will offer to play a game with an interesting story. For example, Krosh is a search for treasure in Africa. It is a pity that only one story for each toy is.