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Love board games but can't get together with your friends in person? Find out where to play online board games with your friends.

7 Best Sites to Play Online Table Games with Friends

Best desktop games online with friends

Once upon a time, board games were just a tabletop activity, but now you can play online board games with your friends from anywhere. Online board games are quickly becoming a popular way to spend time with friends and family who may not share your geographic location, and it's no longer just online chess. Here are some great sites where you can play online board games with your friends.

DisclaimerA: There are plenty of online board games, which means I don't have personal experience with all of them. I have tried to keep this list for sites and programs that are well maintained and user friendly, but your experience may vary. And of course, if I missed something good, let me know in the comments!


Roll20 is a tool that allows you to create and recreate your tabletop RPG adventures online. At a time when many D&D or other RPG odysseys have been halted by the onset of a global pandemic, Roll20 is a great way to continue the online fun.

Top sites online digital board games Roll20

Sure, you could just do D&D instead of Zoom, but Roll20 has everything you need, from digital character sheets to digital boards, even the ability to create ambiance and atmospheric soundtracks to immerse you in the game. It is updated frequently and now has features such as dynamic lighting and map navigation with the mouse.

It might take a little fiddling to get the game set up, making sure all players are connected and so on, but once you get started it's a wonderfully complete package that lets you play everything from D&D campaigns to Pathfinder, Shadowrun and more. .

2. Arena for board games.

Board Game Arena comes out on top: a fairly simple-looking site that has a lot of hidden things. Through the efforts of a team of volunteers, many popular (and not so popular) board games were transferred to the site – of course, with the permission of the publishers. Many games, especially the less popular ones, are free to play, although some publishers choose to make their game "premium", meaning you have to subscribe to a Board Game Arena account to play.

BoardGamearena Board Games

You can play both public and private games, and while there have been server issues due to the sudden influx of players on the server, the site remains one of the best places to play.

3. Desktop simulator

The only reason Tabletop Simulator isn't at the top of the list is because it's paid. Other than that, it's the best thing on this list. The base game of Tabletop Simulator is essentially a sandbox that allows you to create whatever you want with it, as long as you have the time and motivation.Multiplayer games take place around a virtual tabletop that mimics the feel of a real board game, making it relatively easy to transfer your knowledge of real game mechanics to the digital realm.

Board Games Table Simulator

Many of the most popular board games have official board sim versions that you can buy, and there are plenty of free fan clones floating around. The program comes with a few basic games such as chess and checkers, but there are plenty of other games available as downloadable content.


Table games Tabletopia

Tabletopia offers a wide variety of popular and partially popular board games, but what really sets this site apart is its design and animations. If you're looking for something prettier than Board Game Arena but with the same overall feel, Tabletopia is the place to be. The games are mostly free to play, although you will have to pay to unlock some of them and not all features are free. It can be a bit slow and buggy, but once you fire up a public or private game and learn the controls, it generally works the way you'd expect.

5. Muttle

Spendery is not splendor, Azi is not Azul, and Seveni is not 7 wonders. I wink. The games on Mattle.online were simply inspired by the official versions of several popular board games, and they just did a pretty good job of capturing the experience of those games.

Board games Mattle.

Seriously though, Mattle has a nice and simple interface and all the games on their site work quite well. Creating a private room can be a little tricky as there is no invitation system. You will need to create a game and then ask your friends to click the "Join" link before another random player does. When the game starts, there are practically no errors in it. The games are not licensed, but they are free and fun!

6. PlayingCards.io

The genius of PlayingCards.io is how simple and intuitive it is. Do you want to play cards with your friends? Just set up the table, send the link to your friends, then let everyone use their mouse to drag the cards around the screen and flip them. If the servers are not heavily overloaded, it works without errors and almost replicates the feeling of a real card table.

Board games playing cards

There are some pre-made games like Go Fish and Joking Hazard where the table is set up for you, but you can drag and drop decks of cards, game pieces, spinners and other elements to create any game you want. They used to have a "Cards Against Humanity" clone, but now they've removed it. However, there are other sites where you can play variations.

7. Yukata

Board games Yukata

Yucata is a German site with a good English version and lots of games. It's a bit vintage, and setting up games and inviting players isn't as easy as it could be, but if you're an avid board game fan, you'll probably make it here one way or another.Games usually work well enough, and there is a rather active community with which you can start the game if you do not have a ready-made group of friends.

Honorary mention

Brettspielwelt: Most of this site is written in German, so you will be slightly difficult if you do not speak this language, but Google Translate in most cases understand it correctly. It confuses a little, but they have a good choice of games.

Bohet Top Games Brettspielwelt.

HappyMeeple.: Beautifully decorated site with a set of fast games for two players. It is easy to use, and they have a good guidelines that will help you get started. They even have a choice of bone games.

BoardGameplay: Site with decent registration and several interesting games. It seems promising! However, there are few active users yet.

Papergames.io: Simple games such as Tic-Tac-Toe and BattleShip, with a simple and understandable interface. You can also buy an account without advertising if you want.

Boiteaujeux: The English version is good, but the interface is outdated and confused slightly. They have a decent choice of games, but many of them are available on sites with simpler navigation.

TriQQY.: A combination of ordinary traditional games and some more complex modern board games. It is worth seeing if you want to play one of their games, and it is no longer available anywhere; Otherwise, there would be particularly nothing to highlight.

YourturnMyturn: Play various classic games such as sea battle, although there are some more modern games, such as Carcassonne. The interface is slightly outdated, but there are still many free options.

Sites with one game

Instead of having an accessible game menu, these sites are dedicated to one desktop game, which means that they usually have more features and available versions.

Board games colonist

  • Colonist.io (Katana settlers)
  • Dominion
  • Rento (Monopoly)
  • Code names
  • Code names green
  • Stratego.
  • Agrikola.
  • Avalon

Instead of playing board games on the Internet, you can also play desktop games on a computer with Windows 10.