30 games for MacOS, decent attention – Lifehaker

Shooters, strategies, adventures, action, races and role-playing – Lifehaker collected the best games for devices on MacOS, which will be carried away for a long time.

30 games for Mac, decent attention

30 games for Mac, decent attention

Multiplayer shooter, in which a serious struggle for survival is unfolded. Explore the territory and collect valuable resources, and then use them in battles with zombies or to destroy competitors in the royal battle. You want this or not, only one will remain in the end!

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Unstasive classic of the genre and a real find for fans of team shooters. In addition to old good cards and mechanics, new locations, weapons and modes, diverse gameplay appeared. Hardcore players will be satisfied, and those who are just getting acquainted with Counter-Strike.

3. Call of Duty®: Black Ops III

A futuristic fighter, immersing in the thick of the fighting of the Cold War of the Future, where Cyssoldata fought side by side with robots. In addition to the classic campaign, a cooperative passage is available, a network multiplayer and a zombie mode series with previous games.

4. Strafe

Hardcore shooter with elements Roguelike, where each level is a solid meat grinder in the best traditions of the genre. Stylized by Quake 2 and other representatives of the Olympus shooters of the time, the game requires the same sharp reflexes and does not forgive mistakes: after death, everything will have to start first.

Price: 360 rubles

5. Superhot

A very unusual shooter, in which time moves along with the player. Standing on the spot, you might think over the next shot and plan what to do next. Spartan visual style does not distract from what is happening, allowing you to better focus and enjoy the cinematic action, which is filled with every second battle.

Price: 449 rubles

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Role-playing games

1. Divinity: ORIGINAL SIN 2

An exciting step-by-step RPG with incredible freedom of action and a multifaceted plot for which you should become God. Choose a character with a biography to taste and go to explore the gaming environment, with which you can interact as you like.

Price: 799 rubles

2. Diablo 3.

The third part of the legendary game that thormed the whole genre. As in the first two parts, here players have to fight with hordes of monsters from the underworld in the name of the salvation of the world. Thanks to the new classes of characters and a significantly expanded grid of the skills of the methods of violence, it has become even more, which cannot but rejoice.


Continuation of the charming fantasy RPG with a detailed open world and nonlinear gameplay. Collect the team and go on your own ship to the Dadfire Archipelago to find and call for a response to a runaway god, who threw you upon death on the mercy of fate.

Price: 1180 rubles

4. TORMENT: Tides of Numenera

The ideological follower of the iconic Planescape: TORMENT, with which the game has a lot in common, starting with a deep plot with a focus on the dialogues and ending with the immortal main hero.Explore the crazy world in the company of unusual associates with whom you can participate in unique battles, and try to find out what the meaning of life is.

5. The Banner Saga 3

Completion of bright and deep saga about the misadventures of the Vikings with tactical gamela and step-by-step battles. Fuel from the end of the world, you have to spend a big squad through a series of heavy tests and finally find the source of the all-consuming darkness to save the world from final destruction.

Price: 743.49 rubles

6. Witcher 2.

The second part of Geralle's adventures from Rivia is a hunter for evil spirits from the eponymous cycle of novels and the series. Immerse yourself in the peripetia of palace intrigues to find out who has come to one of the local monarchs. Walking spells and cold weapons will help in the study of numerous locations, but keep in mind that every action has consequences – in the game for sixteen endings.


1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The final head of the formation of Lara Croft as a rapid tomb, what we all know. This time, the girl will have to conquer merciless jungle, survive among the enemies and solve the secrets of Maya civilization to save the world from the coming apocalypse.


A dramatic thriller with the elements of Stealth about the world of the future, where anyone can become superhorecom, modifying your own body. Playing for Adam Jensen, the main protagonist of the series, you must reveal the terrifying world conspiracy. At your disposal a whole arsenal of modern weapons and, more importantly, mechanical aggregation, which give enormous opportunities.

3. Dead Cells.

Dynamic action-platformer with procedural-generated levels and nonlinear gameplay, created by canons of genres of Roguelike and Metroidvania. Help the chief hero to get out of the castle, exploring endless labyrinths of levels with dangerous enemies and traps.

Price: 499 rubles

4. Cuphead

Incredibly complicated and as beautiful on its visual and gaming component of the platformer about the anthropomorphic cups dewned by the devil. To save your souls, the heroes need to walk along the fabulous world and knock out a fee from the numerous debtors of the Devil Casino. However, they are all mattress bosses levels and so simply do not come to them.

Price: 419 rubles

5. Mad Max

A postpocalyptic action film based on the eponymous series of films, the events of which are unfolding on the ruins of civilization. From the old world there were only cars that help to survive in the empty, where the struggle for water and resources is not on life, but to death.


1. Sid Meier's Civilization VI

The cult fierce strategy in which the player will be able to try on the role of the wise ruler of one of the peoples. You will have to turn a small tribe living in ancient times, to a mighty empire and achieve domination over the entire planet.

2. Total War: Three Kingdoms

A large-scale historical strategy dedicated to the military conflict of the Trozeny Age, unfolding in ancient China.Playing for one of the famous military leaders, you have to become a new emperor and combine a fragmented country, winning competitors not only on the battlefield, but also in the economy and political intrigues.

3. Starcraft 2.

Continuation of the famous real-time strategy, which is included in the list of cybersport disciplines. The story campaign contains a lot of tests by passing which, players will find out the details of the confrontation of Jim Reynara and Dominion. In network mode, dozens of cards are available, allowing you to compete with other players around the world by choosing one of the three races.


Minimalistic tactical strategy, which contrary to seeming simplicity is incredibly multifaceted and fascinating. By driving a detachment of giant fur, each of which has its own unique abilities, you must reflect the alien attack, literally in pieces of occasional territory and protecting their inhabitants.